Next Regional Meeting May 19, 2018. Host BAMRU (map) and Ventura East Valley (map)


The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) is a national volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education. The California Region of the Mountain Rescue Association consists of over 20 rescue teams from thoughout the state of California. Majority of the members are unpaid volunteers who are highly trained. Accredited teams must meet the high standards of the MRA and must be re-evaluated every five years in each of the three search and rescue skills: Search and Tracking, Technical Rock, and Snow and Ice. California MRA teams not only respond to search and rescue operations in the unit's area of responsibility, but will also respond to mutual aid calls anywhere in the state to assist other agencies.


If your unit is interested joining click here to go the the national MRA website for membership information

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Region Activity


Region Teams

Fillmore Search and Rescue
Wrightwood/Phelan Search and Rescue
Marin County Mountain Rescue
Malibu Mountain Rescue
Joshua Tree National Park
Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue
West Valley Search and Rescue
San Bernardino Mountain
Sierra Madre Search and Rescue
China Lake Mountain Rescue
Santa Clara Search and Rescue
Douglas County Search and Rescue
Sequoia National Park
Placer County Mountain Rescue
NAS Fallon
Montrose Search and Rescue
Inyo County Search and Rescue
Contra Costa Search and Rescue
Altadena Mountain Rescue
Riverside Mountain Rescue
Fresno County Mountaineering Team
Santa Clarita Valley Search and Rescue
San Diego Mountain Rescue
Ventura County Search and Rescue
Tehachapi Mountain Rescue
San Dimas Mountain Rescue
Monterey County Search and Rescue
San Bernardino Cave and Technical Rescue
Yosemite National Park
Mono County Search and Rescue

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